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Composition instructors often assign students expository writing assignments to allow writers the opportunity to examine an idea and practice expressing their ideas about the topic. One such type of writing is the classification and division essay. Students typically must choose to focus on classification or division. Classification involves grouping people, objects or concepts into groups and exploring the differences among them. For instance, a classification essay could categorize parents into three groups: authoritative, authoritarian and permissive. Division, however, analyzes the parts of a whole, such as the pieces of a car engine or hockey team, and how those pieces relate to the entire object or idea.

Classification And Division Essay. Division And Classification ...

Classification And Division Essay. Division And Classification ...

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So, there is one more type of essays that you have to learn writing, and this time it is a division and classification essay. It is not hard to guess what exactly you need to do – to divide and classify something. Yet, we are sure you have a lot of questions and want to know what particular steps should be taken to prepare a good division and classification essay.

You may start with an analysis of free examples of classification and division essays and check more details in our article. Below, we have highlighted some essential things to keep in mind about this essay type.

Division or classification

You are dealing with a division and classification essay, which means you have to do both – divide and classify. However, sometimes students end up with a “more” classification or division essay. How can this happen?

If you choose a subject and focus on investigating its parts (e.g. parts of a tree), you will write a division essay. If you pick a subject and investigate it in the context of other related subjects (e.g. 4 types of characters), you will produce a classification essay.

Topics for division and classification essays

Topics for division and classification essays vary greatly, because plenty of things around you can be split into categories. These are just a few ideas for your paper:

Writing the Classification and Division Essay

The purpose of classification and division essays is to encourage students to think critically about the ways in which items or categories of items relate. Classification and division essays are similar in most regards. Classification can be looked at as assigning disparate items into distinct categories or parts of a whole. In a related manner, division is separating a whole group into separate parts. These strategies are so similar that the terms are often used interchangeably by professors and instructors.