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Query the state data for the classification job. See section  for details.

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Runningstatus: This property is a numeric value indicating the current runningstatus of the classification job. Possible status values are defined in the enumeration.

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The proposed new structure would eliminate these discrepancies between positions by defining and categorizing jobs based on the nature of the work performed, she adds, making the classification of jobs more accurate and consistent across campus.

The server maintains a minimal set of configuration properties and state data for a set of classification jobs

Classification methods customarily employ a number of compensable factors. These typically emphasize the difficulty of the work, but also include performance requirements. The terms used in grade descriptions to distinguish differing amounts of compensable factors create a necessity for judgments to be made. For example, distinguishing between simple, routine, varied, and complex work and between limited, shared, and independent judgment is not automatic. While the judgment involved in such distinctions may produce the flexibility just cited as an advantage, it may also encourage managers to use inflated language in job descriptions and job titles to manipulate the classification of jobs. Developing a job classification system requires these steps:

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