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The common classification of nouns is whether they are common or proper nouns. Common nouns refer to a general class or group of people, places or things. On the other hand, proper nouns refer to specific persons, places or things.

Grammatical gender is the classification of nouns into masculine and feminine.

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As far as I know phrases classification depends on how we treat them. If we take phrases as the group of releated words that lack both subject and predicate, accordingly, during our classification Noun and Verb Phrases shall not be taken into account.

Bottomline: There are nine types or classifications of nouns, each designed to serve a different purpose in a sentence.

Gender (M and F) is well defined by agreement on verbs and nominal modifiers but does not provide an inherent classification of nouns: nouns are gender-less and can be inflected for both masculine and feminine regardless of their animacy degree:

8 CLASSIFICATIONS OF NOUNS Common noun: a word for any person, place, thing, or idea